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Today, buyers are in control.

They’ve tuned out – let's face it, we ALL have – traditional marketing tactics that are impersonal and intrusive. Not to mention the fact that a lot of these traditional methods aren’t even possible for cannabis companies. This means that you need to have a strong inbound and content strategy in place! You can TRUSTinbound to capture, convert, close, and cultivate customers – turning them into loyal brand advocates. Build the trust and feel the love with a brand that's personal, helpful, informative, and most of all, human.


no more "random acts of inbound marketing"


Our brand-focused services for the cannabis industry leverage HubSpot's powerful digital marketing platform. As your HubSpot Silver Certified Agency Partner, we're ready to discuss strategy and design a comprehensive inbound marketing program that precisely fits your unique cannabis business's needs.

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We're Green Flower certified! Our expertise and experience in the cannabis industry allows us to not just help with your marketing, but other areas as well. With the industry being so new, surprises will happen and headaches will occur. We've been there before and we're here to help!

Inbound Marketing

We'll partner with you to build the inbound approach that's right for you.

Content Creation

Brand journalism with content that leaves readers wanting more.

Website Design

Optimize your site to attract visitors, generate leads and close sales.

Search Engine Optimization

We'll define all of the elements of your search engine optimization plan.

Social Media

Build a following with strategies that make sense for your business.

Inbound Consulting

We'll help turn your organization into a lean, mean, inbound machine.


We'll deftly define your customers' personas and buying journey.

Integrated Communications

360º marketing to build loyalty, create action and get measurable results.

Corporate & Product Branding

That's the focus of our sister company, Experra Branding Group.


whether you're b2b or b2c, your cannabis brand is better on inbound

Inbound brand marketing builds trust and earns loyalty by making it easier for your target audience to discover your company’s cannabis products and services online, providing them with the information they’re looking for to make a purchasing decision.

And a well-executed inbound program can align your Marketing and Sales initiatives. Sweet.

we love strategizing and creating the inbound experience

From websites, whitepapers and blogs to email campaigns, videos, infographics, and more, TRUSTinbound to create the digital content that connects with customers.


Build a community around your cannabis brand

Make your brand the center of conversation. Let's get your inbound program going today.

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